Slovak company

We offer you these services:
1. Foundation of a new Slovak company sro. (Ltd)
2. Sale of a Slovak company s.r.o. ( Ltd ) with a EU TAX NUMBER
3. Company address in Slovakia - Bratislava
4. Opening a bank account

How to set up your company in Slovakia? Slovak s.r.o.

Starting a business in Slovakia saves money for you since in Slovakia the tax to be paid is only 21% and the VAT is 20%. We form a slovak company according to your wishes!

Slovak company s.r.o. formation 

For slovak company formation and buying a company in Slovakia you need:
1. Personal conditions
We need your personal data. Director needs a a extract of criminal record , a valid ID card or passport. Shareholder does not need a extract of criminal record. If the shareholder is a company, the current extract from the commercial register is necessary.
2. Reristerd office
One of the most important conditions of Slovak company formation is to have a proper registered office. The registered office should be able to work as the official address of the company, and the company could be available there. We provide your company with a registered office in Bratislava.
3.Share capital at least € 5000
The sum of € 5000 do not need to be paid into the bank. WHEN BUYING A READY SLOVAK COMPANY, the equity capital of EUR 5000 has been already paid in, and you do not have to pay it in!
4. Company name
When establishing a new Slovak company, it is necessary to check the company name at, so that we can avoid any dismissal on the part of the Court. It is advisable to give several possible alternatives.
5. Activities of the company.  It is necessary that every Slovak limited liability company shall have clearly defined business activities as well as business licences corresponding to such activities.

Process of Slovak company formation:

  • Consultation - specifying company name, founding members and scope of activities;
  • Forwarding the director’s certificate of clean record to our company;
  • Making an official translation of the certificate of clean record;
  • Collecting business licences;
  • Preparation and filling of all forming documents
  • Signing in the presence of a notary - notarization of signatures;
  • Submitting the founding documents to the Company Court;
  • Handing in an application for a VAT number, EU tax number

We provide you full service. You just sign the necessary documents!

After company registration we help you to open a bank account, we provide your new company with a bookkeeper.
Time required for Slovak company formation: about 14 days.
Company formation in Slovakia has never been as easy and cheap as now.


The fastest form of company foundation in Slovakia is

Purchase of a Slovak ready made company sro with EU Tax number
Slovak ready made company s.r.o.( Ltd ) with EU Tax number (white card 
 §7)      699 €

Slovak ready made company s.r.o.( Ltd ) with VAT registration (pink card-  §4)    1800 €  

Slovak ready made company s.r.o.( Ltd ) not VAT registered                                    499 €


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