Slovak company LTD  formation

The main activity of our company is; sale of Slovak company s.r.o. with EU VAT registration, registered office service in Bratislava and virtual office, car registration, bookkeeping, representation at the tax authority, opening a bank account, translating documents. We provide full range of services to our clients.


What is needed for founding a slovak company s.r.o?

To start a business in Slovakia you need:

  • A criminal record extract which may not be more than three months old.
  • A valid identity card or passport.
  • Registered seat of slovak company
  • It is not legally required to pay the share capital of 5000 € into the bank, it is enough a statement that the share capital is paid in the cash register.
  • For EU citizen it is not required to have a residence permit for founding a Slovak company and also it is not required to have a residence permit for purchasing a slovak ready-made company .

Company foundation in Slovakia takes about 2 - 3 weeks.
After the founding of the Slovakian company we can do the registration for VAT at the Slovak tax office. (EU Tax number -white card) or VAT registration (pink card). Registration for VAT number takes 3-4 weeks.


IČO number in English - ID number
Verification of the ID number on a website:
DIČ is the tax number
IČ DPH in English - VAT number
Verification of the VAT number on a website:


Do not you want to wait that long? Do you need a Slovak company with VAT number? Contact us!
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We sell you VAT registered Slovak ready made company s.r.o.


Slovak ready made company sro with VAT number

Do you want to start a company in Slovakia? Do you need a Slovak company IN A DAY? Our company really ensures it for you. Contact us and book your new slovak ready made company s.r.o. with us still today - an already established Slovak so called "ready-made" company. The very next day after having contacted us, you can make out invoices to your new Slovak company. Our pre-established slovak companies have also an EU tax number. We guarantee that our slovak ready-made companies have NO DEBT AND HAVE NOT HAD ANY ACTIVITIES YET.


Slovak limited company formation

Slovak LLC - limited liability company (slovak s.r.o.)
The first step in founding a slovak company is the choice of legal form.
Do not you know what legal form your slovak company should have? Whether you want to found a slovak LLC, a limited partnership
or a joint stock company? Then please contact us and our experts will be glad to help you with the decision.
At present, the most often chosen legal form is the slovak limited liability company ( slovak LLC - slovak s.r.o.)


Limited Company formation in Slovakia

We provide you the services:
Company formation s.r.o. (Ltd) in Slovakia                                                                  450 €
Slovak ready made company s.r.o.( Ltd ) not VAT registered                                     499 €
Slovak ready made company s.r.o.( Ltd ) with EU Tax number (white card - 
 §7)      699 €

Slovak ready made company s.r.o.( Ltd ) with VAT registration (pink card-  §4)    1 800 €  


There are good arguments for starting a business in Slovakia.
Why Slovakia - what does Slovakia offer?

Slovak Ltd - s.r.o. - The advantages

  • Corporate tax 21%, VAT 20%
  • The minimum registered capital is 5,000 €. You do not need to deposit share capital. You will receive a confirmation that the minimum capital has been paid into the cash.
  • The director is not liable for the liabilities of the company with his assets.
  • The director - EU / OECD citizen does not need to have a permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia.
  • Relatively low labor costs - Labor costs are around 500 euros per month
  • Slovakia belongs to the European Union.
  • Euro as currency since 01. January 2009.
  • Central location - a well located location. Vienna is only about 60 kilometers from Bratislava
  • Good infrastructure
  • VAT of 20% back on company cars
  • Depreciation possibilities
  • The company car is 100% depreciable over four years.
  • The Slovakian LTD is liable with the total assets. The shareholder is liable for liabilities up to the amount of the outstanding contribution made in the in Commercial Register is registered.
Have you ever heard that company formation in Slovakia is simple, cheap, and by starting a business in Slovakia, you can reduce the tax burden of your company in your country? Most tax category simply does not exist in Slovakia!!! Starting a business in Slovakia saves money for you! We are ready to give you advice and answer all questions in connection with company formation in Slovakia.
Send us your request to our email address, we will be happy to discuss all further details with you.
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